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The situation: >2:30am wake up in the tent that is already freezing. Put on the extra layer of clothing that I was using as a pillow, tie up my shoes and unzip to the world outside. It’s truly incredible! The stars are shining and theres not a breath of wind or cloud in sight. With no time to boil water and make a coffee as planned, I grab some granola bars and head for the chosen spot to setup the camera and begin to capture the world spinning by… at least until the sun warms my face.

Early summer morning in the Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia

I’ve spent a lot of time in the west coast Canada, Thailand, Nepal, Finland, Sweden, US and other countries in between. Generally heading out on solo missions into the mountains, in the past few years I have really found a passion in photographing people outdoors. The kind of people that are just as stoked as I am to head out and discover the world for themselves. 

I’ve taken images for events and adventure sports trips, climbing, kayaking and surfing along with hiking and trekking trips.

Most recently   I started working with Breath of Fresh Air Retreats as their exclusive photographer. They provide mindful trekking retreats in Nepal and Spain currently. With more locations to come.

Being a 200hr certified Yoga Teacher I  have worked with Yoga Teacher trainings, Yoga studios, and individuals to create a portfolio of images for them. Having the knowledge of correct alignment in asana and the flow and energy of a mindfulness environment has a big advantage when comes to producing content.

Travelling all over the world with this passion for photography and the joy I get from capturing people accomplish the most amazing things is what drives me there.

Iain Telfer getting a little bit of slick exposure |Vancouver Island

|Cover image by the talented Ebba|

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Let’s go on an adventure.

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